I am an inspirational, intuitive,  spiritual life coach, and breath practitioner, writer, and communicator. Clients call me a soul detective or archaeologist of the soul.

I love words and their power to awaken, open, inspire, elevate, heal, transform, prosper – and become portals to new worlds.

I have a gift for zeroing into the core – to the essence of what is seeking to be expressed through you, what is standing in your way, the longing of your heart calling out to be heard or what has been silenced, buried or unspoken.

I assist you to craft a clear vision of the life you seek to create, transforming fear and limiting beliefs, speaking your truth, releasing the energetic barriers and blocks in your way of feeling truly alive, in your power, in the flow of a life you love. I help you to distill your unique magic from the story of your life and give voice to who you really are.

I draw on spiritual purification techniques like conscious breathing and the ancestral forgiveness and peacemaking prayers of Howard Wills.  The prayers are called word medicine – tools of creation in thought word and deed, transformational and filled with healing light – lifting burdens, helping make peace with the past and all relationships, and opening the way for greater peace, joy, love, blessings, freedom, and well-being.

I offer highly personalized sessions, packages and a weekly online/live experiential circle.

You are invited to book a complimentary 30-min conversation here:  http://calendly.com/empowermindheart


~ Christiane Schull