I am a transformational catalyst and communicator – spiritual seeker,  intuitive, writer, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Breath practitioner.

Clients call me an encourager, catalyst, synthesizer, translator, soul detective, and archeologist of the soul.

I assist clients to see themselves in a new light – making connections that facilitate healing breakthroughs, and new beginnings – increasing their aliveness, clarity, joy, vitality, peace, and well-being.

I draw on spiritual purification techniques, including ancestral forgiveness and peacemaking prayer and conscious breathing to release energetic blocks and barriers to your good.

I offer a free consultation for all new clients: https://christianeschull.as.me/

“Stay Open. Life is Discovery. Expect to be Delighted!
~ Christiane Schull

Christiane Schull has a background in ghostwriting, print journalism, advertising and documentary television and film, She has been a Certified rebirth-breathwork (conscious connected breathing) practitioner, working with men and women and groups since 1990 – and a Certified Life Coach via iPEC’s accredited training since 2014. She has been a student and practitioner of the ancestral forgiveness and peacemaking technology of Howard Wills since 2002.