Forgiveness is about letting go of old hurts and grievances. It doesn’t mean that what happened was right but that you will no longer remain hostage to the past.

Forgiveness is not always an overnight process. It can take time, attention, compassion and care as you work to address events, reflect on your own choices, accept what was, make peace with the past, and forgive yourself and others.

I have learned the most about forgiveness from *Howard Wills.  His gatherings demonstrate how thought, word, and deed are tools of creation and how speaking positive words of blessing, forgiveness, apology, release, and peacemaking for ourselves and on behalf of others, opens the way for greater love, peace, joy, abundance, wellbeing, and freedom.

Forgiveness is ultimately a gift you give yourself. It sets you free. It restores peace and love to your heart, joy, innocence, and goodness to your spirit, and re-connects you to the beauty of life and to who you really are.

~Christiane Schull


Photo: Lina Trochez. Source: Unsplash.

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