Abundance is shared

Abundance is shared

“Abundance is not a static state. It is not something you get and have and hoard. It is a living experience, something alive, meant to be felt and experienced with joy through the act of giving, circulating, sharing who and what you are in the world.

If you sit on your abundance – and that includes your creative human potential – you will eventually feel poor, lacking, or without meaning or purpose. If abundant, worthy, and inspired, appreciated and fulfilled is how you want to feel — give.

Give who you are, what you do, your gifts and talents, your time, resources, effort, passion to something bigger than you, something that activates your life force, something that says, ‘I am here to experience the fullness of life and participate with my whole self for the benefit of all humankind.’

~ Christiane Schull







Forgiveness is about letting go of old hurts and grievances. It doesn’t mean that what happened was right but that you will no longer remain hostage to the past.

Forgiveness is not always an overnight process. It can take time, attention, compassion and care as you work to address events, reflect on your own choices, accept what was, make peace with the past, and forgive yourself and others.

I have learned the most about forgiveness from *Howard Wills.  His gatherings demonstrate how thought, word, and deed are tools of creation and how speaking positive words of blessing, forgiveness, apology, release, and peacemaking for ourselves and on behalf of others, opens the way for greater love, peace, joy, abundance, wellbeing, and freedom.

Forgiveness is ultimately a gift you give yourself. It sets you free. It restores peace and love to your heart, joy, innocence, and goodness to your spirit, and re-connects you to the beauty of life and to who you really are.

~Christiane Schull


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The beauty of breathwork is that it provides a safe space to feel everything. It is a safe container in which to process and release old energy, an emotion that is moving in and through you.  As you breathe out what is rising up for release, you arrive at a new place within you – of greater peace, joy, clarity, wholeness, well being.

If you never feel or process the emotion, and you never address what has caused you pain, the energy sits there and grows. It doesn’t go away. There is no pushing it down or pushing it away.  It grows – and it becomes something else.  It often congeals into a reaction – and then you become reactive.  And when something triggers you that is reminiscent of the past incident (so often long forgotten), you can react in anger.

None of us are immune.  We all have ‘the muck’ inside us – old pain that congeals into reactions that can get triggered. If you never allow yourself to feel it, you may feel fractured, disconnected, at the mercy of that emotion and those reactions again and again.

But freedom can be just a breath away.

The beauty of the breath is that it gives you a safe space to process emotion and come through to the other side — experiencing life and yourself in a fresh new way.  Reactions will fade over time – or lose power over you – and you will become one with a new way of being as you bring conscious awareness to the moment – and recognize your power to make a new choice.

– Christiane Schull

Christiane Schull is a Certified Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner, since 1990, working with men and women in groups and private sessions. She offers transformational packages – min series of 10 breathwork sessions recommended.


“There Are A Thousand People

“There Are A Thousand People

“For every one person that will demand you to water yourself down, equivocate your brilliance into a bland featureless oatmeal, and brew your beauty down into a more tepid tea ~

There are a thousand people who are praying for the strength and clear loving conviction of your unvarnished, undiluted medicine and yearning to hear your voice and yours, alone, like a life-saving oasis in a vastly parched desert.


– Sara Sophia Eisenman


Thank you to Gabriel Mana for sharing this quote.



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Start With Your End Vision

Start With Your End Vision


“BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND”.  Stephen Covey in his famous book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People set forth this powerful principle. Try it. Experiment with it. This is how I have applied it in my life and what I have shared with clients. ~ Imagine it is December 31st, 2019 and you’re looking back on the year. How do you feel? How has your life changed for the better? What miracles have taken place? What have you accomplished, become, received? What new habits have you adopted? What have you let go? What are you most excited about or proudest of? Write it down on paper as if it has already happened.


CREATE IT.  Your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are creative energy in motion – they attract results. Think, speak, feel and act from clarity, love, appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, sharing, joy, generosity. See how much better life gets.


BE DARING. Take action outside your comfort zone. Be bold. Tell yourself the unvarnished truth about what you really want . Go for it. Don’t settle. Say Yes to your dreams and to who you really are!


BUILD IN SUPPORT – Be aware of your foibles or weaknesses and build in support to deal with them. No dream or goal is without obstacles (inner and outer) –  have a friend, loved one, coach, a support group in your corner who believes in you when you don’t.


GROW –  Your goals and dreams will require you to grow and change.  Seek out your growth. Learn. Discover. Be curious. Learn. Life is learning, growth and change.


BREATHE, LET GO –  Release is a powerful step in the manifestation of your good. Where you hold on or hold back, the universe also holds on and holds back. As you release what no longer serves, you lighten your load and open the way for the new- for what is in greater alignment with who you are and what you love. Ask your Higher guidance or God/Source to lead you, guide you, direct you in releasing what has completed its cycle in your life. Let go and let God.


MAKE GRATITUDE A NEW HABIT. Be supremely grateful for all the good that is in your life, all the love, all the people, all the abundance, and everything that is flowing in. Gratitude is a game-changer – and brings into your life more of what you are actively grateful for!


ADDRESS WHAT IS ON YOUR HEART.   Make peace with all that is unresolved in your heart. Don’t let it grow moss under your feet. Address your concerns with others. Free up and complete the energy through forgiveness and peacemaking. Forgiveness frees you to experience more peace, love, miracles, and blessings.  For more about  forgiveness and peacemaking prayers, visit: HowardWills.com

                                    “EXPECT TO BE DELIGHTED!” ~ Christiane Schull



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Leave room for the miracle

Leave room for the miracle

When you hold on too tight, when you are married to a cherished outcome, you can’t let God enter the equation.

What is meant for you may be so much bigger than you can imagine and if you hold on to your picture of the way you think things should be, you may not leave room for the miracle.

So leave room for the miracle.

Open your mind and heart. Let go.

Here is a beautiful quote I once heard (sorry, author unknown)

“After surrender, magic!”

Let go and let God

~ Christiane Schull


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