For me, Christiane is a magical person who came into my life out of the blue! I felt broken and sad and without hope. Within a short time, I felt empowered – like new!

– H.B., Toronto


I had a session with Christiane and she helped me more than anyone I have ever known. There are no words – it was truly mystical! It reminded me of an experience I had when I was 8 years of age when through prayer I felt I had met God. In that experience I was brought to tears – cleansing tears.  The session with Christiane opened my heart in the same way and tears flowed. I connected with my inner child and it was very real. I had the feeling of rebirth! I can now go about my life without the old burdens of shame and frozen feelings. I am free, happy, and my anxiety has been turned over to the loving companionship of Love inside my being.  Everything in my life has a feeling of abundance to it! She gave me prayers and they have helped so much in clearing the old. Immediately, as our session began, she was with me energetically pouring love – the Love from the Highest. I felt so cared for, understood, and totally accepted.   I have been doing work on myself for 30 years – inside and out-  searching for the healing that has eluded me… UNTIL I met Christiane. I feel truly healed. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart! She’s the real deal!  ~ with Immense Love –

~ Liv i Baianstovu, Faroe Islands


The reason I recommend Christiane Schull is this: Her intuition is so sharp she can easily get you out of coagulated thought patterns and she takes you to the realm of what is true very quickly!  She will facilitate the next level in your process. She will leave you superior to your former self! 

~ Sondra Ray, author, pioneer of rebirthing, creator of liberation breathwork.


Christiane has helped me through many difficult times. She has assisted me to create a new more empowered vision of myself and the possibility for my life. Through much personal excavation, she has shown me great compassion and has held a vision for me that has emboldened me. I am very grateful to her for the strength and personal power I have today. I highly recommend her work as a person of great capacity to help and heal, and a person of great compassion

~ Marie M.  Educator/Teacher, Toronto


Christiane, you are a deep listener, hilarious and profoundly intuitive!! You pulled out different aspects of my story and really helped me connect themes that I was leaving out of my work and now I see there is more to bring forth!! I am actually blown away by what came out and you even noted and reflected back to me that you could feel more of me land in my body!   Deep bow and gratitude to you!!

~ Deborah Brodey, Master Sound Healer & Transformation Guide., Toronto.


I was really impressed with how much Christiane was able to capture intuitively in such a short time. I am a Feng Shui consultant and life coach. I love my work but I have struggled with communicating what I do…..  Christiane picked up on something buried inside my story. She heard something much richer and more relevant and she told me what she heard and she was right! My true passion comes from a far deeper and more universal place and one that I can now share with the world. I feel I can be more congruent and truthful in sharing my story with new clients. Speaking with Christiane changed everything for me!! ”

~ Slavomira Harcegova, Feng Shui Consultant and Transformational Guide, Slovakia


Christiane is a communicator. In a world that relies on connectivity, network and social interaction through the veil of a digital medium, Christiane chooses to walk the road less traveled. Real connections with real people in the real world. She can find words where none previously existed while bridging the gap between pure intention and the expression of a beautiful concept. Christiane has the ability to distill complex emotions into simple, comprehensive messages. Her writing possesses a deep resonance with the human condition – rich in experience, wisdom, and compassion. Where inspiration and creativity, however fleeting, are as fragile as the northern star, we rely on those among us who are capable of speaking when we cannot find our voice. Christiane is one of those rare people who, with her voice, can change the world.

~ Robert Divito. Designer, Musician, Producer., Toronto.


Image: Words: Native American Blessing – illustrator unknown.