Hope is Vital

Hope is Vital

Hope is precious. Vital. Nourishing. Affirming the good in others is life-giving.

The people I work with sometimes come to me feeling hopeless, defeated, ready to throw in the towel.

They have internalized unhelpful, unkind messages and they have lived under the weight of those messages a long time.

They think there is no hope; no possibility of change or improvement or breakthrough for them.

They can’t even imagine joy or a life that begins to approximate something they would love.

And yet, something deep within knows….in the words of Buddhist monk and activist, Thich Nhat Hahn, ‘Because you are alive everything is possible.’

The journey is inward – to identify, release and transform the limiting programming that obscures the light  – assisting them to reclaim their voice, their truth and who they really are.

Awareness is powerful, breakthroughs are real, miracles happen.

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~ Christiane Schull



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The Journey is within

The Journey is within

For the time being…  allow yourself to be your greatest adventure.

Take the journey within; dig deep, ask the questions you haven’t had time to ask and let the answers find you.

You have time. Give yourself this time.

Linger in the unknown, in the exploration – the ‘who am I?’ – the ‘what’s next?’

Let curiosity and wonder be your ally.

Be fearless in your quest inward.

The journey is rich with discovery.

You are never alone when you know and love yourself.  ~

Christiane Schull


photo: Mantas Hesthaven, unsplash

Cultivate the Spirit of ‘Windhorse’

Cultivate the Spirit of ‘Windhorse’

” Windhorse is the symbol of the human soul in the shamanistic tradition in East and Central Asia….”

It is a powerful Tibetan concept for these times; often represented as a prayer flag.

In the words of Cynthia Kneen, ” Windhorse is the energetic aspect of basic goodness, the flow of life, an alive, exuberant and conquering energy that is always at your service….

The wind is confident energy – effortless, fearless and accomplishing.

The horse is the discipline and strength to ride the circumstances you face.”



Photo: Sanjay Hona, Unsplash – visit: @ssssanjaya

What are You Here for?

What are You Here for?

2019 is at a close. It has been a thunderous year – and decade –  and for many of us, one of the most challenging of our lives. But there have been many gains and gifts, growth and learning, healing and change, a deepening of heart and soul and an expansion of our sense of possibility that will be the foundation for what we create next.

What are you here to create? Experience? Give or Receive? Transform? Release? Or Become? What is the dream of your heart? Where are you being called?

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There are days when you can’t scale the mountain.

There are days when you require replenishing, refueling.

Learning to listen to the call of your own body and soul – for stillness, breathing, restoration – is one of the great gifts of self-love and empowerment.

You give yourself what you need. You honor yourself. You listen to yourself.

You love yourself.

~ Christiane Schull


Photo: Sindy Strife. Source: Unsplash