What People Say


Christiane helped me more than anyone I have ever known. No words really can describe at all what happened. …It was a feeling of rebirth – free of the old burden of shame and frozen feelings. I feel free, happy. Immediately as our session began,  she seemed to be with me energetically, connecting me with love from the Highest Source of Life and Love. I felt so cared for and so understood and totally accepted. She knew how to guide me and helped me connect with that stuck place of frozen emotion, releasing the pain I was carrying.  I feel truly free! I recommend her from the bottom of my heart. She’s the real deal!

With immense love, Lív í Baianstovu, Faroe Islands
Christiane is an extraordinary gift. Her balance of spiritual wisdom, acute psychological insight, down to earth humanness, empathy and generosity–make her a refined guide and coach who helps people find their own inner truths and base their lives on them.  She is full of loving care and patience, and concerned with practical breakthroughs for her people in a short amount of time, without in any way rushing anything. She is a navigator to your own heart.
Richard Paul Geer, Performance Poet, Astrologer, Toronto
My experience with Christiane has been profound. She creates an incredibly safe space of unconditional love and acceptance to share our vulnerability and to go deep! Christiane is like an archaeologist of the soul, she digs deep and takes us on a journey deeper within to uncover those hidden beliefs that block us from shining our light in the world. Christiane listens deeply and pulls things out of us that we may have long forgotten or buried. As a result, where I had been stalled on taking action I am now moving ahead in more effortless and graceful ways!  I wholeheartedly recommend working with Christiane if you get the chance!!
Deborah Brodey – Spiritual Guide/yoga teacher/Sound Alchemist 

My work with Christiane exceeded all my expectations. I am immensely grateful to her. I think the way Christiane works is magical. We explored so much – all of which was of deep core importance to me. Christiane was extremely deft at picking up on threads that have tied me down, while also highlighting qualities I  could be embracing and enjoying more and sharing – such as playfulness, my sense of joy and wonder at the world and heart-centred knowing.  I think Christiane has a remarkable gift at intuiting what is there. In general, I feel lighter, and more at peace with myself and have more clarity which always leads to more joy. It has been a wonderful, surprising and extremely life affirming experience for me.

~ L. B. – UK

Christiane has helped me many times and is one of the kindest most compassionate people I have ever met.  She has incredible insight and an ability to get to the root of an issue.  ~
M. K. M., Toronto, Ont.
The reason I can recommend Christiane is this: Her intuition is so sharp that she can easily get you out of coagulated thought patterns. She takes you to the realm of what is true very quickly and she can turn you around fast! She knows how to take you to the next level of your evolution in your process. She will leave you superior to your previous self!”
~ Sondra Ray, pioneer of Rebirthing breath and creator of Liberationbreathing – sondraray.com

Christiane is a communicator. In a world that relies on connectivity, network and social interaction through the veil of a digital medium, Christiane chooses to walk the road less travelled. Real connections with real people in a real world. She can find words where none previously existed while bridging the gap between pure intention and the expression of a beautiful concept. Christiane has the ability to distill complex emotion into simple, comprehensive messages. Her writing possesses a deep resonance to the human condition – rich in experience, wisdom and compassion.

Robert Divito, musician, designer, photographer – www.robertdivitoproductions.com