love vs fear

Love vs Fear

Love is clear. It feels good. Words and actions. It doesn’t ask you to doubt yourself or question your choices. It appreciates. It holds a high watch for you. It assumes the best. It sees infinite possibilities.

When Love is not present, the signs are also clear. But often not immediately seen. Because that’s what fear does. It obscures. It causes doubt, anxiety. It is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. It doesn’t feel good.

If it doesn’t feel good, if it pitches you into self- doubt – then question that. Question where it’s coming from and why.

Shine the Light on it. Thank the situation – or person – for playing out your own mind. For showing you the part of yourself that doubts, judges, dismisses, undermines you and your highest dreams – or does not listen and honor what you really feel or want. And then, breathe, forgive, let go – and make a new choice.

Let fear – that busybody-sure-it-knows-everything-that can-go-wrong-dimmer-of-dreams – take a backseat to Love.

Love is Life Force energy.

It praises, appreciates. Illumines possibilities. Affirms success. It meets obstacles with curiosity, self-reflection, renewed commitment. Fuels passion, imagination. Re-doubles effort.

Like the sun. It beams goodness – and it feels wonderful.

The journey is to cultivate more Love.

To know the grace and strength of your own Love – strong and true.

To be love so you can give love. So that what you most seek you actually receive.

~ Christiane Schull



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